The gold investments are coming to Macedonia: new alternative for capital market investment.

The financially powerful companies and physical entities in

Macedonia will probably soon have the alternative to invest their money.

Ilirika Fund Management works hurriedly on opening the Gold Fund. The

investment in gold, as a precious medal, became the most profitable

business if one takes into consideration the losses on the world capital

markets that were caused by the economic crisis and the high increase of

the price of the yellow gold. Investment funds intended only for

investment in precious medals, namely in gold, are already functioning

throughout the region. Such funds are working successfully in Croatia,

Slovenia and Serbia, who invest merely in shares of companies that

produce gold and other precious metals. It is a world trend as the gold

protects from inflation and when panic appears on the global market or

some undefined situation.

"There is money in Macedonia but people do not have an idea

how and where to invest it. This shows the Macedonian reality in

investing," says Director of Ilirika Fund Management Aleksandar

Manev. Manev says that the drop of the interest rates of bank deposits

will make people realize what is good and profitable.


"Our goal is to offer an alternative to the financially

capable companies and individuals to benefit from what is happening

around the world. Ilirika decided to offer Macedonian investors the

opportunity to invest in golden companies. Our offer will now be

strictly restricted and our target will be richer clients, clients that

have greater financial knowledge, higher level of education, corporative clients, banks who want to protect their portfolio. We are

optimistic," says Manev.

With this Ilirika Fund Management enables companies and citizens to

invest in gold outside Macedonia.

"We are to set up a gold fund in the first quarter of next

year. I am optimistic about collecting the necessary 300,000 euro,"

says Manev.

At the moment, Article 67 of the Law on Investments Funds, which

stipulates that the funds are not allowed to invest in precious medals

or precious metals securities, is contestable.

"We asked for an opinion from the Securities and Exchange

Commission and we are waiting for the outcome. If nothing changes, we

will continue with the current investing," Manev said.

According to the present circumstances, gold investment in is not

possible in Macedonia.

According to the Law on Foreign Currency Operations, Macedonian

citizens cannot invest and possess securities abroad. They can buy gold

in goldsmith's shops but they are unable to make a profit from it,

it has no investment value.

The minimal investment in Ilirika's newly opened gold fund

will be 100 euro. According to the had of the potential

"Gold", the entering commissions will be more relaxed as they

want bigger clients such as insurance companies, pension funds, banks.

There are no limitations for physical entities but a minimal

investment above 10,000 denars is considered. Ilirika Fund Management

says that the goal is to acquire a culture for investing and secure a

long-term solid profit which is better than saving in banks.

This opens new horizons for the investors on the domestic capital

market, especially now when the circumstances on the Stock Exchange are

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Ilirika works on the field

and conducts polls of companies and citizens to determine the level of

information and citizens' view on investing.

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